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Tetzave: Being Equal

At times teachers or parents will decide initially which of their children will be successful and which ones les. Who has the capability to sit and learn, and who has to go out to work. According to how the kids are perceived, that’s how much effort will be put in to them. Sadly, we can have a situation that one kid will get unlimited help verses another that only gets minimal.

This says Rev Moshe Feinshtein z”l is absolutely wrong, and as a result of this unprofessional behavior he is stealing knowledge from others. This we see in the Parsha where the light of the Menorah is describe as burning from evening until the morning, and Rashi brings the words of Chazel, that the amount of oil used was “half a log” enough to burn through the long nights of the winter. This was the same amount used the whole year round even though the summer the nights are shorter.

All the candles are equal and we don’t start count which nights are longer and which are shorter. All get the same amount of oil! We can’t start giving one child more than the other, only “in the morning” will it become clear whose flame is truly burning stronger.

Just because a child is smart does not mean that he should manage on his own with attention from the teacher, and just because a child required multiple explanations just to understand the basics, does not mean he should be ignored as a waste of time. This is an important approach to all people. We tend to categorize and define people by their looks, their dress etc. We should give every person the same time and attitude as we would give those closer to us.

This is part of the message of Purim. When we are united we have the power to stand against our enemies. If we have the willingness and foresight to give every person the same care and the same consideration then we can stand united and strong.