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Toranut Roster

To better spread various shul tasks among the kehilla and provide greater opportunity to be involved in our shul, everyone is asked to pitch in. Should the scheduled time not fit in with your own schedule, please switch with someone else on the list.

The two main tasks are:

  • Setup for Kiddush:
    Setting up the Kiddush in the morning so that it is ready after davening, including cutting cakes and arranging items in kitchen during Mussaf, and then supervising the clean up afterwards
  • Seudat Shlisheet/Motzei Shabbat cleanup:
    Set up Seudah Shlisheet and supervise cleanup on Motzei Shabbat, including getting the kitchen into order and taking out the garbage (about 15 minutes)

If you are unable to take on your duties on your allocated Shabbos, please arrange a replacement.

If there is anyone on this list who would prefer not to be on the roster, please let us know so that we can redraft it.

If there is anyone we have inadvertently left out, please inform us so that you can be included.

Changed your slot? Let us know by sending us a note in this form.

29/10/2016 Breisheit  Estelle Chasen Phillip Chasen 
4/11/2016 Noach Ofra Taback David Taback 
11/11/2016 Lech Lecha  Sharon Farber Harvey Farber 
18/11/2016 Vayeirah Sharon Bergman Solly Bergman
25/11/2016 Chayei Sarah Revital Perlin Martin Perlin
2/12/2016 Toldot  Vicki Caplin Jonathan Caplin 
9/12/2016 Vayeitzei  Ruthie Jacobson Farrel Jacobson 
16/12/2016 Vayishlach  Perli Amdurer Harry Amdurer 
23/12/2016 Vayeshev Charmaine Levine Jeff Levine
30/12/2016 Mikeitz  Geraldine Cohn Daniel Cohn 
6/1/2017 Vayigash  Linda Levy Shimon Levy 
13/1/2017 Vayechi Revital Perlin Martin Perlin
20/1/2017 Shmot  Sonia Graham Michael Graham
27/1/2017 Vayarah  Dina Bernstein Saadia
3/2/2017 Bo  Estelle Chasen Phillip Chasen 
10/2/2017 Beshalach  Sharon Farber Harvey Farber 
17/2/2017 Yitro Ofra Taback David Taback 
24/02/2017 Mishpatim Sharon Bergman Solly Bergman
3/03/2017 Trumah  Ruthie Jacobson Farrel Jacobson 
10/03/2017 Tetzaveh Charmaine Levine Jeff Levine
17/03/2017 Ki Tisah  Geraldine Cohn Daniel Cohn 
24/03/2017 Vayakel-Pekudei  Perli Amdurer Harry Amdurer 
31/03/2017 Vayikra  Linda Levy Shimon Levy 
7/4/2017 Tzav  Sonia Graham Michael Graham
14/04/2017 Pesach    
21/04/2017 Shemini  Ofra Taback David Taback 
28/04/2017 Tazriah-Metzorah  Denise Tobias Naty Tobias 
5/05/2017 Acheri Mot-Kedoshim Barbara Emden Norman Emden
12/05/2017 Emor  Sarah Stein Manuel Stein 
19/05/2017 Behar-Behokotai  Tova Bar-Noy Shai Bar-Noy 
26/05/2017 Bamidbar Riva Migdal Cecil Migdal
2/06/2017 Naso  Vicki Caplin Jonathan Caplin 
9/06/2017 Behaolatcha  Estelle Chasen Phillip Chasen 
16/06/2017 Shlach Revital Perlin Martin Perlin
23/06/2017 Korach  Sharon Farber Harvey Farber 
30/06/2017 Chukat  Denise Tobias Naty Tobias 
7/07/2017 Balak Elaine Chazen Leonard Chazen
14/07/2017 Pinchas  Ruthie Jacobson Farrel Jacobson 
21/07/2017 Matot-Masei  Ofra Taback David Taback 
28/07/2017 Devarim  Sarah Stein Manuel Stein 
4/08/2017 Va’etchanan Riva Migdal Cecil Migdal
11/08/2017 Ekev  Geraldine Cohn Daniel Cohn 
18/08/2017 Re’eh  Estelle Chasen Phillip Chasen 
25/08/2017 Shoftim Revital Perlin Martin Perlin
1/09/2017 Ki Tetzei  Vicki Caplin Jonathan Caplin 
8/09/2017 Ki Tavo  Ruthie Jacobson Farrel Jacobson 
15/09/2017 Nitzavim-Vayelech Charmaine Levine Jeff Levine