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HaBayit Shel Benji

HaBayit Shel Benji

The Benji Hillman Foundation (BHF) was founded in August 2006 with a very specific project and goal in mind, helping the lone soldier and soldiers from deprived backgrounds in Israel, during and after their army service. The flagship project, a home for lone soldiers, has been named Habayit Shel Benji [Benji's Home.]

The Benji Hillman Foundation (BHF) was founded in August 2006, in memory of Major Benji Hillman, a company commander in the elite Egoz Reconnaissance Unit, who was killed in Maroun al-Ras on July 20 leading his troops into battle. Hillman was regarded as having an unstinting sense of responsibility toward the soldiers under his command, particularly to lone soldiers.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide these boys with general assistance, a warm bed, good food, a room of their own away from the army, and of course all the love, care, attention and help that they need at "Habayit Shel Benji" (Benji’s Home) which will serve as a hostel for these soldiers — with all the comforts of home.

Found out more about the activities and new developments at the Foundations’s website: http://www.benjihillman.org/english/default.asp