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Our kehillah is always open and welcomes all who wish to pray here. The kehillah was founded over 13 years ago by a dedicated group of newcomers to Raanana, looking to establish a warm, supportive community focused around Torah learning and inspirational prayer. Today Kehillat Bnei Aharon is in its largest facility yet and boasts a regular contingent of shiurim throughout the week and Shabbat.

The kehillah is easygoing and open to newcomers or visitors looking for a special atmosphere. Insightful Divrei Torah is welcome, and you will always get an immediate sense of acceptance and belong.

Kehillat Bnei Aharon is privileged to have Rav Dovid Simon as spiritual leader. He not only provides guidance and ensures for proper functioning of the minyan, but tirelessly avails himself for leading shiurim, speaking to the kehillah, and being open and available for questions and discussions.

Key Contacts
Shul E-mail : kba613@gmail.com
Rabbi HaRav Dovid Simon
Phone: 054 7505918
E-mail: davidsimon@013.net
Gabbai: Solly Bergman
Finance & Donations: Pinchas Chasen

Erev Shabbat
Mincha 5 minutes after candle lighting
Shabbat – day
Shacharit 08.00
Join us for learning before Mincha
Our Beit Hamidrash is open for learning 1 hour before Mincha
Ladies shiur 2 hrs. before Mincha  ”summer only”
Daf Yomi 45min before Mincha by Rabbi Dovid Simon
Gemorra shiur 45min before Mincha by R. Harry Amdur
Mincha 15 mins. before candle lighting
Everyone is invited to seuda shlishit with a full spread!