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Vayeira - Crying Out

There are ח"ו many people who face difficulties and challenges in their lives and they cry out for help. We cannot help everybody and therefore we have to choose who we can help and who currently not. There are many factors in these decisions, one of them being how much we feel the pain and suffering of that person. How do we feel a person's pain? How do we truly appreciate (as much as possible) what a person is really going through? One of the ways is, by how much that person expresses and cries out his woes. This brings it to our attention and we are more inclined to go and investigate that situation over others.

Says the Rav of Brisk: when a person is crying out to Hashem about the way he has been treated by others, Hashem immediately comes to check out the situation, and it justified will change it. This is what the verse means: " ... ארדה נא ואראה הכצעקתה הבאה אלי עשו" - and see if the crying that is coming to me justified, I will deal with Sdom and Amora at once.

When one cries out, Hashem listens and comes to help immediately. How he deals with it is another issue, but if we cry out in Tefila from our hearts, with true feelings and expression, he is there listening, willing to help and bring redemption and an end of suffering to us and all of
Klal Yisrael.

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