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Letting Go

We tend to think that only when our children are older it is important to "Let Go", with the understanding that they adults and can be responsible for themselves. However the truth is that this is applicable to all children at all ages.Human nature is to want to control one's life by themselves, and children are no different. It is an important part of their education to give them the ability to be able to make those decisions, so that they can have more control over their own lives.
Just like parents learn to ask questions and get advice and it isn't a contradiction to the fact that they can stand on their own two feet, so too the kids even though they might need the advice and guidance of their parents, they still have to be able to stand firm themselves.

We are afraid that our children might not succeed, however failure can be a powerful lesson for a child what not to do or what he should do next time. If we don't let go, we are withholding this important lesson from them.

The Hebrew word "אחריות" (responsibility) comes from the word "אחרית" (end). Responsibility means that what comes out in the end is on my shoulders. No person can be held responsible for something if he has no control over it. Therefore if we want to teach our kids to be responsible, we have to give them the ability to do things by themselves and take control where they can. LET GO!!!

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