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Disagreement with the Right Intention

Sometimes it seems we are our own worst enemies. As a people we are known to disagree and argue a lot, which in the end can ח"ו bring about terrible consequences. However this is not necessarly a negative trait.As we see in many places in Chazal there is a very important place for מחלוקת and the tremendous positive results one could get from a disagreement. It all comes down to one's attitude. As the Gemarah in Eiruvin states: Three years Beit Shammai an Beit Hillel disagreed, couldn't come to a conclusion, and specifically in that case the Mishna in Pirkei Avot says that a disagreement with the right intention (לשם שמים) is that of Hillel and Shammai.

As the commentaries write: if the purpose of the מחלוקת is to find the truth and is not a question of pride and honour and who comes out better, then what we will get out of such a disagreement is a closer look at the truth and ultimately a much closer relationship between 'warring' sides.

The Gemarah tells us how over the years many of the Halachot were forgotten, and it was only through this power of true discussion, albeit sometimes even heated, that they were able to reconstruct that which had been lost.

We live in a generation that everyone has to be right and the 'Truth' at times is somewhat irrelevent. We need to look a bit beyond ourselves and use this trait in the correct way. Then not only won't we see all the negative forces ח"ו that can come out, rather on the contrary we will see a greater and deeper outpouring of wisdom, and regardless of what we hold, it will only bring us closer to each other.

B"H we will have the strength for this and then all the needless hatred that brought about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash will disappear and then the true glory of Hashem can come back בביאת משיח צדקהנו אמן

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