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Completing the Teshuva Process

Sometimes When we talk about Teshuva - Repentence - what comes to our mind is looking back into our negative behavior and making a plan for how we can change. However the main focus seems to be around the negative. Hoshei'a the prophet in relation to Teshuva says:
קְחוּ עִמָּכֶם דְּבָרִים, וְשׁוּבוּ אֶל- ה` אִמְרוּ אֵלָיו, כָּל-תִּשָּׂא עָו‍ֹן וְקַח-טוֹב, וּנְשַׁלְּמָה פָרִים, שְׂפָתֵינוּ
Take with you words and return to G-d and say to him: any raising of sing and take goodness.
Hoshei'a 14:3
What does it mean: Take goodness? Says Rabeinu Yonah: this refers to Tefila which is one of the basic tenets of Teshuva.  It is  a basic requirement that a person pray to Hashem to forgive his sins, and then Hashem will focus on all the "goodness"  and take that as  the main criteria. This means that we could have a tremendous deposit of a good deed which could potentially boost us up, however we are so blinded and blocked by our negative ways the positive path seems completely paralyzed.

By davenning to Hashem we can at least remove this blockage which will no longer encumber us in our upward journey and all the goodness that is already there can take a more dominant role in our lives. But as the above verse states: "Take words and return to Hashem." - these words refer to the stage before Tefila, and that is of Teshuva and Viduy - confession, and only then will the prayers help.

If so, then we are back to square one and how to tap into the wellspring of all the good we have done? Says Rav Dessler zt"l: everyone one of us done many mitzvot, some we do with more feeling  and depth and some with less. If we focus on those that we have more of an affinity for and try to connect a bit more to them, even if we have not really started the Teshuva process and the wall of negativity  is still blocking, there can be no doubt that this minor effort in itself will break through the darkness and the light will shine through.

B"H with this effort of just connecting a bit more (to those things that we already feel connected) Hashem will consider it even as the beginning of the Teshuva process, and with this more positive approach will help us to conclude the full Teshuva process.

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