We Specialize in

Warm Rabbinic Leadership

Unprecedented energy and growth through rabbinic guidance.

Innovative Learning Programs

Reach into the depths of Torah for inspired, innovative and insightful teachings.

Inspirational Speakers

Enjoy spiritually uplifting, meaningful and relevant Drashot.

Social Programming

Deepen your Jewish commitment while expanding your social network.

Everyone has a Place

Experiences for parents, children, newcomers, singles, young, and old alike.

Delicious Kiddush

Join the Shul for an opportunity to laugh, schmooze, share, and toast with friends.

Our Approach

We offer warm rabbinic leadership, inspirational davening, and meaningful social activities.

    Join us for kiddush, or sponsor a kiddush for any occassion.


    Gain profound insights into the Torah and relevance to our tradition in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • PRAY

    Grow through uplifting tefillah in our small, inclusive, friendly, and participatory atmosphere.


    Experience warmth, friendship and acceptance in shul you can call home.

    Torah, Tefillah & Inspiration.

    We strive to be a place where all Jews can connect to our heritage and be an inspired Jew.

    Our Shiurim

    Inspiring Torah revelations.
    Simon Says

    Torah insights and guidance from Rav Dovid Simon.

    Torah from Telz

    Relevant insights into the parshah from Ilan Chasen.

    Harry's Shiur

    Weekly shiurim in Talmud, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, Mussar and Jewish History.

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